Vrijdag 3 mei
BKS TEN w/ Rolando Bruno
15.00 uur

The tenth edition of Best Kept Secret takes place this June! To celebrate this milestone, we present three exclusive BKS TEN events in April and May, based on our pillars Music, Food and Culture. We’re traveling to Maastricht, Rotterdam and Breda for these celebratory events, and are uniting with some of our valued partners and friends. On May 3th you’ll find us at Pier15!

BKS TEN — CULTURE — PIER15 BREDA — FRI 03-05 15:00

“At Pier15, one of Europe’s most renowned skateparks, we’re hosting a BKS Playground Love pre-party together with Kilo Kilo Vintage for BKS TEN! You might remember this match made in heaven from last year’s BKS, where they teamed up for their office-party-extravaganza.

On May 3rds event, during the day, there’s a pop-up vintage market (where you can also screenprint a special BKS TEN seal on your brand new old clothes) and best trick skateboard contest, local dj’s will provide the finishing touch. In the evening we’re moving indoors for a concert from Rolando Bruno with his mix of cumbia, psychedelic rock and midi-madness, after which we’ll have an afterparty where dj’s will guide us into the night.”

The day program (15:00 – 21:30) is freely accessible for everyone. For the concert and afterparty (21:30 – 02:00), separate tickets are sold by Pier15. But if you sign up now, you’ll be able to win two tickets as part of our BKS TEN celebration! Sign up now 👈🏽